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There are so many wonderful books in the world;
Here are a few of my favorites.

Ordering Your Private World

There aren't many books I'd say have changed my life like this one has. Sometimes books can be subjective—it might change my life and do nothing for you. But MacDonald will open your heart, plant a seed and provoke you to change.

steal like

an artist

I love this one! It changed the way I work. Some might say they're not artists so why should they read it? It's not about being an artist. It's about taking things that already exist and showing them to the world in your own way. If you want to really make an impact, read this.


Barbarian Way

Ever feel like maybe life will always be mundane and boring? What about God's design for you? He gave us all a measure of faith and it was not meant to be timid or tamed, but wild and barbaric. Trust me, this quick read will challenge the way you live your life. 


Note: This book is out of print, so get a copy while you still can!

The Insanity of God

Living as a Christian in a Western culture can be challenging. We've all heard the term, "first world problems". Well what if actual suffering was meant by God to be a part of the Christian experience and many people miss out on a piece of God because of the lack of suffering? This book changed the way I live.




There are so many moments in life that become fantastic memories. Sometimes these moments are encountered without any control of our own, but most of the time they are made. This book spoke to me in such a direct way. It's up to us to look around us and take advantage of every moment.

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