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You know what I really love? Bread. Or maybe I should say carbs? I just know that when I decide that I want to be a little more like Daniel was in the Bible, telling bread that it can't come home with me is always the hardest part. I think I might have a problem. I love Panera just because 'Bread' is in the name. I'm a strong believer that whoever invented the bread bowl doesn't get enough space in the history books. Let's be real, there aren't many of us who would say they don't like bread. We wouldn't want to be friends with those folks anyway. What is it about bread that makes us come back for more? Here's a fact: Bread is really bad for you. Our bodies have a hard time processing it and just turns it into sugar and stores it. It's true, the hips don't lie. Fact or not, this doesn't change my desire to do it.

It was a Friday. Pretty sure, anyway. I was in a hurry. Rushing out of the house to jump in the car with a friend to go grab some food and chill. About half-way to the restaurant I realized I couldn't find my phone. For some of you, just saying that line just brought on anxiety. I patted every pocket and checked every crevice of the car. Nothing. I just shrugged it off and figured I needed the time away from it anyway. But, for reasons that I couldn't explain other than general addiction, I didn't know what to do during dinner when there were lulls in the conversation. At one point I went to the bathroom and it felt awkward -All because I didn't have my phone! On the drive home we were listening to music and just ridding. I felt naked. I wasn't used to being without my phone for this long. What if it wasn't at home? What if I lost it? Anxiety started setting in. The addiction had a hold of me.

...When was the last time you turned everything off and just sat in silence?

Isn't that the dumbest story you've ever heard? How many times has that happened to you?

Here's the idea... when was the last time you turned everything off and just sat in silence? When was the last time you read a book and relaxed? How long has it been since you took a nap? All of these things might seem random and maybe even pointless, but the fact is, we are way too attached to doing and not so interested in rest. I hate when I hear people say, "I wish i could relax." or "I wish I could take naps" the fact is, you do have time and you absolutely can. It's all about your posture and mindset. Let's talk about it.


Have you ever had a bugger in your nose and no one told you? I've had a few faithful friends that wouldn't hesitate to tell me. But, I've had a few "friends" who just let me hang out with a bat in the cave and never bothered to tell me. Here I am, laughing, having a good time -or worse, trying to be serious, and all the other person can think is how much they wish I would fix that. It would be a top priority for me too, if I only knew there were a problem.

Y'all... we have to realize that we have a problem in our culture. It's a culture of busyness. Some folks like to change that 'y' to an 'i' and justify their actions as business. The fact is, your productivity is only as good as your rest. If you aren't taking time to recharge and focus, the fact is, you're not going to last long-term and you're on your way to making big mistakes.

...your productivity is only as good as your rest.

The part that sucks the most about all of this is that the majority of the time we are busy for the sake of others and not ourselves. We want others to see how successful we are. to give ourselves more meaning we crave the validation of those that are around us. So, the only way to get that is to constantly be doing something and with the help of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, we can show everyone just how awesome we are.


You are only as good as you prepare to be. Nothing happens by accident. Your day is what you make it. Cliche as cliche can get, but all have some legit truth.

I was 14 when I decided for myself that I actually wanted to follow Jesus. I knew this was the case because I started reading every book I could get my hands on and really dove head-first into the Bible. I started praying, fasting, and really devoting myself to the mission of the Lord. I look back on some of those days and have thought, "where did I get the time?" or there might be a random conversation that I quote the Bible now and I don't remember when I learned that –but I knew it had to be during those formative times, when that was an actual priority for me.

Here's the thing, we really do have time for what we want. We have the same amount of time in the day as Einstein, Picasso, Mozart, and Jesus. Talents and gifting may vary, but what you do with what you have is up to you. The hustle is relative to the chill. Taking time to relax and do nothing, or something that feeds you, has to be a priority if you're ever going to make it.

The hustle is relative to the chill.

Don't Just go on Vacation

Have you ever worked for hours on something and while you were physically or mentally tired, you actually had a sense of energy, purpose or drive? These are the things you want to seek out. Find work and tasks that give you life. For me, that's writing, podcasting or creating art. For you it might be working out hard math problems –weirdo. haha.

I honestly hate the word vacation. Some folks tie the word back to "vacate" your current surroundings to new ones. While that is true, for me, it feels like a call to "vacate" your current life for something better. In some cases that sounds great. But the challenge I'd like to give you today would be to work really hard to build a life that you don't need to vacate. Live and do what you love so much that while you might travel to another place that is warmer or has more water than your current living place, you still are out there doing what you love.

build a life that you don't need to vacate

Friends, find time every day to rest. Take a day off every week to do whatever you want. Leave margin for a nap a few times a week and Love what you do when you're not resting.

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